Product: Whiteboard Collaboration Solutions

Company: Ricoh

My Role: Product Manager

Target Customer: Healthcare, Enterprise

Overview: I led a number of product activities around Ricoh’s interactive whiteboards that included enhancements as well as the construction of integrated solutions. Ricoh whiteboards initially came exclusively with a Ricoh developed controller that had built in meeting, sharing, and integration capabilities. I was the first person to evaluate and use the API supported by the Ricoh controller. Notable product accomplishments include:

  • Integrated whiteboard with Microsoft Skype API under Microsoft TAP (Technology Adoption Program)
  • Spearheaded partnership with and their Healthcare Cloud, enabling the Box DICOM viewer to run on the whiteboard. This helped to close a major new deal
  • Created differentiated secure mobile IoT Edge solutions leveraging Cradlepoint intelligent routers, and PanaCast 180┬░ webcams
  • ┬áSeveral patents awarded for new features

The pictures on the right show some of the concepts that I created for healthcare.

Outcome: Numerous deliverables provided back to the Japan team which were incorporated into the offerings. Deals in the US, such as the Canada healthcare customer. Recognized for being the top person bringing forward opportunities with clear value propositions and financials.