Product: DocuTech

Company: Xerox

My Role: Software Engineer / Lead

Target Customer: Enterprise, Commercial Print

Overview: This was a robotic automated digital publishing system that provided commercial quality scanning, document editing, printing, and finishing. It was controlled through a touch based GUI. The software was developed from the ground up and utilized an API-based event-driven microservices architecture where multiple services ran concurrently on a shared memory multi-processor chipset. It utilized proprietary HW, OS, IDE, and programming language that originated from Xerox PARC; this enabled substantially higher SW developer productivity than was available with commercial tools. I developed the scanning application, controller logic, and database components. 

Outcome: This product was a huge market success and spawned a whole new industry by disrupting the commercial print industry. Because the system was developed almost entirely with Xerox technology, it had an extremely low software licensing cost and was Xerox’s most profitable product. The digital print capability also enabled new applications such as personalized marketing and print-on-demand books. The Harvard business sage, Clay Christensen, was a consultant for this product and mentions it in his book