Product: Distributed Print on Demand

Company: Xerox

My Role: Technical Lead / Manager (I was responsible for creating the requirements document, I also developed the GUI software)

Target Customer: Commercial Printers, Large Corporations with Printing Facilities

Overview: Digital printing technology has created a shift in the way printed materials are managed. Historically, printed items such as books, manuals, and collaterals are printed in large volumes and then stored in a warehouse. With the advent of commercial grade digital scanning and digital printing, it was now possible to print what’s required shortly before use.  This sometimes required that digital files that were often too large to send over typical networks be shipped on tapes or optical drives. The focus of this offering was to partner with AT&T, who would provide high-speed networking, where Xerox who would develop software for managing the transfer of digital print files over the network to be printed at a remote Xerox printer. The offering got pretty good press, there’s a New York Times article here.

Outcome: Successfully piloted and launched