Product: TotalFlow Production DFE

Company: Ricoh

My Role: Product Manager, I created a competitive lab to benchmark with other vendors, was the Ricoh representative on the print interoperability standards consortium, and authored a number of requirements documents.

Target Customer: Professional Printers, Print Shops, Enterprise with internal Print Facilities

Overview: The DFE (Digital Front End) is a customized server used to operate a digital printing machine. It’s used to prepare and manage the documents for printing, manage the flow of work, and setup and control the printer. DFE’s are typically developed to support specific market segments. My primary background is in the “publishing” area, which involved printing books, manuals, high-quality marketing material, and signage.

Outcome: As mentioned above, I started the requirements effort on this product, however, I decided to focus on other Ricoh products in 2012. Ricoh launched this DFE in 2016, product info is here.