Product: Digital Transformation Solutions

Company: Wells Fargo

My Role: Product Manager / Strategy

Target Customer: B2B, Retail (Robo-advice, Chatbots)

Overview: The main focus of this activity was to acquire Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions to support the banks digital transformation efforts. The diagram to the right identifies the focus areas:

  • Robo-advice – B2B2C robo-advice technology vendors as well as the standalone robo advisor vendors.
  • Underwriting and risk – automated credit scoring technology, automated underwriting technology, automated property valuation technology.
  • Document Processing Automation – technology for document processing and document processing workflow, included OCR and NLP technology. Specific focus on mortgage documents.
  • Chatbots – Internal facing chatbots for mortgage processing and other internal processes, as well as external facing chatbots for the customer.
  • AML and fraud detection – Focus on technology for credit card fraud detection.

Outcomes: PoC with vendors to validate technology fit, productivity improvements and risk reduction, confirmation of strategic direction.